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Driver Retention Model

Drivers Don’t Quit, They Leave

Drivers for the most part are just like any other employee and leave their job for similar reasons as other employees do. These reasons are unique to each driver, each employee and to each company, but the vast majority of drivers leave when they have given up on their current employer.

Leading up to the decision to leave their job, the drivers’ behavior and performance changes in subtle ways. FleetRisk Advisors detects these subtle changes in driver behavior which are reflected in your data and uses them to provide key insight into which drivers are likely to leave your company soon.

See Retention Predictors

Retention Predictors

FleetRisk analyzes thousands of data points to identify the subtle changes over hundreds of data points that collectively represent a pattern that reflects a change in the driver’s behavior.

Change in
Week to Week

Days Until

Count of
Federal Tax

Amount of
Supplemental Pay
Past 28 Days

Count of
Job Assignments
Past 56 Days

Hours on Duty
Not Driving
Past 28 Days

Revenue Trip
Past 28 Days

Longest Trip
Compared to
Fleet Average

Past 28 Days

Fuel Stop

Contrary to conventional wisdom no single data point or set of data points can be used to accurately predict future events consistently. FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive modeling technology uses all available data across thousands of data points to build a true picture of the driver’s behavior and provide the opportunity for remediation.

FleetRisk Advisors further supplements client data with external data sources and internal FleetRisk Advisors insights to create a comprehensive image of the driver’s performance, and more importantly, a map to detect subtle changes in behavior that are correlated with higher risk of target events.

See Results

The Proof Is In The Numbers

FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive modeling and remediation strategies help customers reduce employee turnover by identifying the drivers that are likely to leave their current employment. The below graph looks at two different groups of drivers—those who have been intervened with early (based on remediation recommendations from FleetRisk Advisors) and those who were not remediated. The side-by-side comparison clearly demonstrates how FleetRisk Advisors predictive models successfully identify at-risk employees and help fleets prevent the loss of their most valuable assets—their drivers.

Real FleetRisk Advisors customer results based on aggregate data measuring 16,000 drivers.

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    Non-Remediated Drivers

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    Remediated Drivers

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    Non-Remediated Drivers

    Remediated Drivers

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