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Driver Safety Model

Accidents Don’t Happen by Accident

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of accidents are not random, but a natural culmination of a series of subtle, but profound developments that can be detected and addressed well in advance of the accident.

Accidents don’t happen because a driver forgot how to drive, they happen because of a change in a driver’s behavior and the resulting performance impact. Omnitracs Analytics detects these subtle changes in a driver behavior, which is reflected in your data and uses it to provide key insight into which drivers are likely to have an accident and the best remediation plan to prevent it.

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Safety Predictors

Omnitracs Analytics analyzes thousands of data points to identify the subtle changes over hundreds of data points that collectively represent a pattern that reflects a change in the driver’s behavior.











Contrary to conventional wisdom no single data point can be used to accurately predict future events consistently. Omnitracs Analytics' predictive modeling technology uses all available data across thousands of data points to build a true picture of the driver's behavior and provide the opportunity for remediation.

Omnitracs Analytics further supplements client data with external data sources and internal Omnitracs Analytics insights to create a comprehensive image of the driver’s performance, and more importantly, a map to detect subtle changes in behavior that are correlated with higher risk of target events.

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The Proof Is In The Numbers

Omnitracs Analytics' predictive modeling and remediation strategies help customers reduce and even prevent accidents. The graph below illustrates the power early intervention can have on accident frequency and presents a side-by-side comparison of remediated drivers (as a result of intervention recommendations from Omnitracs Analytics) and drivers that were not remediated. The results speak for themselves—proving early remediation through predictive analytics prevents accidents and keeps drivers safe.

Real Omnitracs Analytics customer results based on aggregate data measuring 16,000 drivers.

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